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Date: 11 Jul 2009

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    I'd like to add another question to Shannon's if I could. I'm reading more westerns these days than I ever have before, and while the best are great stuff, I find that all too often much of what I read just doesn't stick with me. What I'm looking for in a western are the virtues of classic hardboiled fiction-- swift pacing, abrupt plot twists, sharp dialogue, convincing action, and lean, clear prose.   Noir elements are fine, but I'm actually more hungry for westerns that can bring the hardboiled style convincingly.  Maybe my standards are too high or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places. Any suggestions? Thanks, John    

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    This thread has made me realize that I haven't read enough fiction that walks that western/noir tightrope.

    I'm especially interested in finding titles written or set between 1940 and 1955, featuring a rural sheriff as the protagonist (such as Jim Thompson--a personal favorite--but perhaps where the Sheriff has a few more redeeming qualities).


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