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Date: 05 Jul 2009

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    Mark, I haven't read all the books you mentioned, and it's been a long time since I read any of them, but here are the ones I remember liking best. Of those, the Colby, Conroy, Demaris, and Dodge (really Stephen Becker) are the ones I remember most vividly. But I enjoyed them all. That's just me, though, so read at your own risk..

    Bill Crider

    - John Dickson Carr, CAPTAIN CUT-THROAT (Bantam)--I believe this one might be a classic of some sort?
    - James Hadley Chase, THE DOUBLE SHUFFLE (Signet)
    - Robert Colby, THE CAPTAIN MUST DIE (GM)
    - Albert Conroy, DEVIL IN DUNGAREES (GM)
    - Ovid Demaris, MACHINE GUN MCCAIN (previously CANDYLEG) (GM)--I believe mentioned here a while back--need to check the archives
    - Steve Dodge, THE SHANGHAI INCIDENT (GM)--another nice cover
    - William Haggard, VENETIAN BLIND (Corgi)
    - James Mayo, HAMMERHEAD (Dell)
    - Kin Platt, THE KISSING GOURAMI (Pyramid)--cover bills Platt as an Edgar winner?
    - Victor Rosen, A GUN IN HIS HAND (GM)--great cover
    - Richard Sale, HOME IS THE HANGMAN (Popular)
    - Bud Schulberg, THE HARDER THEY FALL (Signet)
    - Scott C.S. Stone, THE DRAGON'S EYE (GM)--nifty cover art

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