RARA-AVIS: This May sum up the crisis

From: Jack Bludis (buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 01 Jul 2009

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    Keven Burton Smith says:

    >>The culture itself is no longer
    the inclusive, shared culture it once was. almost everything is niche and cult and sub-sub-genre. We have narrow-casting instead of broadcasting. The mainstream is disappearing, bombarded by special interest groups.<<

    That may just about sum it up. In addition, there is even competition for out niches -- hard boiled, noir, and retro.

    Interesting comment about the Harry Potter generation of readers.


    Also my thanks to Fred Zackel for the Publisher's weekly piece. It may be saying something like KBS says above.

    Graphic Novels? Could be. Megan Abbott in graphic format? Interesting.

    How about Krista Faust and Vicki Hendricks.


    Non-threatening vampires? That seems to be the case. Take a look at the NYTimes, mass-market paperback list.


    Erotica sells but is greatly fragments and mostly in e-format and not many of us want to admit to writing it or reading it. It also may be far more fractured that the other lines. It may be that S&M has replaced some of noir.

    Jack Bludis

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