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Date: 29 Jun 2009

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    Hey Kevin,

    I really want to attend this but I will be in the 'other desert' that weekend. We have a family reunion planned in Palm Desert 7/13 to 7/23. Ah, who knows, maybe I'll be so tired of the heat that I'll drive out. I owe Bob a drink.

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    David wrote:

    > I thought those rara-avarians who love both noir and regional true
    > crime might
    > find this of interest. Edgar Award winners Megan Abbott & Theresa
    > Schwegel are
    > going on tour in July, and they're hoping to find out about any
    > famous/infamous
    > true crimes that are set where they're visiting. Go here for more
    > information:
    > http://bustedflushp ress.blogspot. com/2009/ 06/megan- abbott-theresa- schwegel- need-
    > \
    > your.html

    Hmmmm.... every day there seems to be some sort of crime in Palmdale and the Antelope Valley splashed across the pages of the local rag, offering a little something for everyone, from redneck meth dealers and crazed desert rats holding off an army of cops to assorted gangs imported from LA going ballistic on school teachers, plus the usual suburban real estate scams and municipal graft (I think they call it
    "Palmdale" because of all the palms that are out) and good ol' American domestic violence, but I'm not sure if there's anything particularly of interest to Theresa and Megan.


    the weekend they are in town, there definitely will be crime of some sort going on in Palmdale, where The Thrilling Detective Web Site and Butler's Coffee are presenting the first ever PALMDALE NOIR: AN EVENING OF MUSIC AND CRIME on Saturday, July 18.

    BUTLER'S COFFEE is this funky little coffee shop that has been offering live music (with my bumbling interference) every Saturday for the last six months or so, and this is definitely going to be something completely different.

    ROBERT FISHER, the front man of Americana noir collective THE WILLARD GRANT CONSPIRACY will be hosting a salon-type discussion and performance of songs about crime, aided and abetted by VINCE M. (a singer-songwriter stuck on the lost highway somewhere between Townes Van Zandt and Paul Westerberg), MARK BURGESS (primo slide guitarist and ace performer of bloody, muddy blues) and LAURA BROWNE-SORENSON
    (angel-voiced singer-songwriter and member of Celtic folk group THE BROWNE SISTERS).

    They'll be performing both individually and in various combinations, talking and playing songs about robbery, assault, thievery, cheating, lying and of course everybody's favourite: murder. Possible songs to be performed include "Folsom Prison Blues," stealing beer from a convenience store, Springsteen' s "Stolen Car" and an old (auld?) murder ballad sung in Gaelic. It's going to be some kinda night.

    If any SoCal-area Rare Birds (or birds on vacation) have a hankering for caffeine and crime you can tap your foot to, Palmdale is about an hour north of LA, located in the High Desert. I'd love to see a few rare-birds representing. Hell, I think I'll even give out some crime books as door prizes.

    BUTLER'S COFFEE is located at 40125 10th St. West. Their telephone number is 661-272-9530, and their web site can be found at
    . Or just contact me.

    There's such a wealth of songs about crime and murder that we could probably do this for a year and never repeat a song.

    Kevin Burton Smith www.thrillingdetect

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