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Date: 25 Jun 2009

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    Not a dumb question at all. I've always taken it as the same guy, but there's probably a reason for not naming the Op specifically. He's identified more as a type than as an individual. Named for his job rather than his character. Relates to a rather long tradition of names like "Taylor" "Smith" or maybe even "Schooley."

    "Operative" can have even broader implications too. Playing with identity: another example of a quality we might think of more as a development in noir, being there from the get go.

    Best, Kerry

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      This may seem like a dumb question, but here goes:
      Is the Op who appears in Hammett's Continental Op stories always the same operative?
      Certainly the characteristics of the Op in each of the stories is very similar, as is his M.O. But has it been actually established that the Op is always the same Op?
      I only recently read RED HARVEST, and I read most of the other Op stories over the course of several years -- the last of which was prolly 15 or more years ago. And this question just popped into my head yesterday.
      So, it may be a dumb question, but that's why I'm here: Somebody's gotta do it sometimes.
      - Duane

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