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Date: 22 Jun 2009

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    Man, Rara-avis. I love you folk. This might seem like an insincere statement, considering in the next breath I'm going to promote my new book, VANILLA RIDE, but as the old saying goes, Tootith not your own horn, it will go untooted, or some such. Anyway, VANILLA RIDE, the first Hap and Leonard book in eight years is coming out from Knopf, and there seems to be a lot of excitement for it, and I'm trying to build on that because I'm shameless and my daughter is making me do it. The book is, in my opinion, one of the best in the series, and will be followed next year by yet another Hap and Leonard book. I'm glad to be back with the boys. I also have out a book from THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS titled SANCTIFIED AND CHICKEN FRIED, THE PORTABLE LANSDALE. It collects stories from different collections, novel excerpts, and contains a new piece, and has a wonderful introduction by Bill Crider, who once out foxed me in a half price and acquired all the good old Gold Medals with embarrassing and baffling ninja moves. Some have said, But you already have books with these stories in them. But I don't have books with this particular gathering of stories, and...I like to think there are new readers out there all the time who might like my work. I hope so.
       Again, thanks for letting me stop by in the house of the hardboiled. I came with clean underwear and my sales goods, so I hope it's not regretted. Give the new Hap and Leonard a try. And if you'd like an interesting collection of some of my better short stories, the PORTABLE LANSDALE is a good place to go, and Bill Crider writes a nifty and truthful introduction. Joe Lansdale

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