RARA-AVIS: Hello from new member Jonathan Maberry

From: jonathan_maberry (jonathan_maberry@yahoo.com)
Date: 15 Jun 2009

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    Just joined the group. I'm an author and comic book writer. I write thrillers for St. Martins Griffing (Patient Zero, etc), supernatural thrillers for Pinnacle (Ghost Road Blues, etc.), YA for Simon & Schuster (Rot & Ruin, Dust & Decay), nonfic books on pop culture, folklore, etc. for Citadel (Zombie CSU, Vampire Universe, etc.), movie tie-ins for Tor (The Wolfman), and comics for Marvel (Black Panther, Punisher, Wolverine, etc.).

    Currently I'm researching the pulp era for a chapter in my next nonfic book. Recently interviewed Charles Ardai (of Hard Case Crime), and a few of the writers who have contributed to that line.

    Looking for folks who know the older pulps and are willing to talk about morally conflicted characters, the struggle of good & evil, and bizarre villains in the pulps.

    -Jonathan Maberry www.jonathanmaberry.com

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