Re: RARA-AVIS: Books That Clicked Midway Through (Was Dissembling)

Date: 11 Jun 2009

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    > This happened to me with the first book in Thomas Perry's Jane Whitefield
    > series. This may have as much to do with the expectations I brought to the
    > book as with how it started, but it really clicked midway through.
    > With regards to mistaken expectations, I assumed that after the masterful
    > Power of the Dog, Don Winslow's The Winter of Frankie Machine would be
    > scaled back dramatically. Midway through the book I realized that it is every
    > bit as ambitious as its predecessor.

    two of my favorite authors. I've read almost all of Perry's work and I'm catching up on Winslow. recently found A LONG WALK UP THE WATER SLIDE, which is apparently the 4th in a detective series. wow. who knew? it's near the front of my TBR

    John Lau

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