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Date: 09 Jun 2009

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    Thanks for that, Gonzalo. Some real talent around and I'm very pleased to showcase it. If you don't know of it already, you may well be interested in Brian Lindenmuth's excellent Conversations With The Bookless, in which he interviews some excellent crime writers who are yet to publish novels.

    Give Flexer time. Jim Thompson had ... what ... 33 attempts? And some Jim Thompson is a far cry from Jim Thompson.

    Re Levison: haven't read him yet, which is terrible, being a fellow Scot. I just got a copy of his Dog Eats Dog the other day, though. Looking forward to it.


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    > Nathan Cain recently wrote a nice review of the novel
    > ( While I enjoyed it and actually bought the book
    > on the strength of that first chapter I read on your website (btw, what a
    > bunch of great unpublished writers you've lined up), I must say I think
    > the novel's a far cry from Jim Thompson. The violence and the
    > characterizations are caricaturesque and the author can't seem to strike a
    > balance between the outlandish humor and telling a story from the point of
    > view of a sociopath (one recent novel that accomplishes this pretty
    > effectively is Iain Levison's Since the Layoffs). In spite of the rough
    > spots, I think it's an entertaining first novel . I'll be on the lookout
    > for more Flexer and New Pulp Press titles.
    > -Gonzalo

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