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Date: 08 Jun 2009

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    There's quite a big quote from A Confederate General from Big Sur at the beginning of the book. Haven't read enough Carver to notice any similarities.

    Duane, how come you've got French in your quote intro below?


    On 08/06/2009 1:17 PM, Duane Spurlock wrote:
    > "Karin Montin" jckm2 ecrit:
    > <<
    > .. . .
    > Moving away from Ireland, I picked up The Russian Passenger, by GŁnter
    > Ohnemus (trans. by John Brownjohn). It's from Bitter Lemon, which really
    > seems to have a great list. I'd never heard of this author or title, but
    > I liked it a lot. It's narrated by a Munich taxi driver (Harry) who
    > picks up a Russian woman (Sonia) who wants to go to the airport. She's
    > kind of nervous and seems to be afraid of being followed. . . .
    > The tone is very engaging and the
    > English reads beautifully. I'd definitely read more by Ohnemus if I
    > could get it. Oh, and the ending is definitely noir in my opinion.
    > Interesting note from Googling:
    > GŁnter Ohnemus is the translator for Richard Brautigan and Raymond Carver..
    > - Duane

    Karin Montin

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