RARA-AVIS: Re: Blurbs (Ignore That Sucking Sound)

From: Dick Lochte (dlochte@gmail.com)
Date: 07 Jun 2009

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    One of the more important benefits of blurbs (and reviews) is that they impress publishers, which means that your book will get a bigger, better push. Several seasons ago, an unpublished writer submitted a crime fiction manuscript and included "endorsements" from several "gold standard," usually non-blurbing authors, including, AIR, John le Carre and Joe Wambaugh. The book was purchased for a lot of loot. Then it was discovered that the blurbs were fakes. Contract broken. No loot. No debut. The conclusion: blurbs trump content. A few glowing words from even a frequent, one might say compulsive blurber like Stephen King can do wonders in getting a career launched properly in this country. King's Entertainment Weekly essay a few years ago, in which he praised the "undiscovered" Lisa Gardner, is a striking case in point.

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