Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Blurbs (Ignore That Sucking Sound)

From: Karin Montin (
Date: 06 Jun 2009

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    Spy magazine used to have a section called Logrolling, in which they juxtaposed A's blurb of B's book and B's blurb of A's. Nice word, logrolling: exchange of assistance or favours (often political).


    On 06/06/2009 12:05 AM, Kevin Burton Smith wrote:
    > On Jun 3, 2009, at 5:22 PM, wrote:
    >> Regretting a blurb is like regretting that cigarette you gave to a
    >> guy in the street. In other words, it's cheap.
    > Must be why I distrust blurbs -- they're cheap. Don't inhale.
    > I put more value in words, I guess.
    > When I see a blurb, I always hope it's from a legit review or other
    > source. But too often, it's just a premixed, premeasured endorsement
    > from one brown noser to another; a circle jerk of thumbs-up. A recent
    > book I've read featured some pretty nice blurbs from some writers I
    > respect -- or at least I used to. The book was horrible.
    > A blurbs B, B blurbs A, and neither seems to have read the other's
    > book. So why trust the opinion of either A or B?

    Karin Montin

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