Re: RARA-AVIS: An Ineteresting take on Hammett

From: Steve Novak (
Date: 04 Jun 2009

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    Very interesting Merci! Montois

    On 6/4/09 12:01 PM, "Jack Bludis" <> wrote:
            I just took the time to read, "A Man Must Do What He Must:
    > Hammett's Pragmatism," by Josef Hoffmann.
    > The piece is in and I suppose it is fair to note that
    > the translation is by by Johanna da Rocha Abreu, a woman I have never met.
    > The piece covers Hammett's thought processes as well as those of his
    > characters the Continental Op, Ned Beaumont, Sam Spade, and the process of the
    > deductive reasoning that brings Hammett and his characters to conclusions.
    > The article is translated from the German so it has an intricacy of style that
    > we, or at least I, don't see much in what I read. (But, of course, if it's too
    > intricate I can't grasp it even if it's fiction, like some of Henry James, but
    > I am confessing to my own limitations.)
    > The article begins by discussing Hammett's Marxism and calls attention to
    > Hammett's pragmatism. I expected an explanation of Hammett's Marxism based on
    > his logic, but I didn't see where that was explained.
    > It is an interesting piece I thought.
    > The whole thing is at:
    > Jack Bludis
    > Read, read, read. Write, write, write.
    > If you're not a writer: read, read, read, and read some more.

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