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Date: 04 Jun 2009

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    > L. T. Fawkes has a series about Terry Saltz, a working-class guy who
    > lives in a doublewide somewhere in Ohio, and it's all "normal," meaning
    > no condescension. It isn't noir, and it's rarely hardboiled, but it's
    > crime fiction. IIRC there's an ex-wife who tries to take him for all
    > he's worth, which isn't much, while he's in jail after a bar fight,
    > which is regarded as the normal course of life. In the first book,
    > Terry's delivering pizza, getting coworkers' tips on getting better
    > tips. In the second book, he's doing construction, adding a deck.
    >     "Fawkes" self-published Cold Slice, and a publisher picked up the
    > series and gave her a male-sounding nom de plume. I liked the
    > self-published one best; it was a little rawer around the edges. I can't
    > remember her real name, but maybe I'll find the book in one of these
    > boxes someday.

    this sounds great

    John Lau

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