RARA-AVIS: Joseph Koenig & Westerns & Wallander

From: nqexile@yahoo.com.au
Date: 18 May 2009

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          zoebleck@gmail.com wrote,

    Did a search and was surprised to not find any posts about this writer--I just discovered him a few months ago and he's pretty hard boiled.

    so far I've read Floater, Smuggler's Notch, Little Odessa, and my favorite ( I would love it just for the title) Bride of Blood.

    This is set in Iran--I guess didn't get much attention in 1995, but feels really topical now.

    To add to the discussion of the hard boiled and the Western--I'm bored by Westerns--the only ones I like are ones that my husband says aren't Westerns at all--Bad Day at Black Rock, The Misfits, and of course, my fav--Johnny Guitar


    Thanks for the reminder on Koenig - I own three of his and am now going to have to track down the others. Westerns? Strong links to writers discussed in these posts. Try Films based on Elmore Leonard Scripts for one.

    The Searchers. I recently read the book by Alan Le May that it was based on. Much darker than the Film and very different. the Film changed the focus to Wayne's character, he was the secondary character in the book which centres on the character Jeffrey Hunter played in the film. The resolution ot the story in the book is disappointing too. Both film and book are worthwhile.  


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