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Date: 15 May 2009

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    > I don't receive ARCs, but I do receive promotional music CDs, pretty much
    > the equivalent. They are often stamped "Not for resale" or some such
    > thing.
    > There is a moral dilemma here. What are you supposed to do with the things
    > if you don't want them and they're taking up valuable space? Throw them
    > out? I've never been able to bring myself to throw out a book or CD. Give
    > them to Goodwill? At least you're not profiting that way, but you could
    > conceivably be cheating the artist of royalties.
    > I really have no idea.
    > And I've got a big ol' stack of promotional CDs that I haven't figured out
    > what to do with yet, so I am genuinely curious as to what people think the
    > ethics of the situation are.

    I get DVD screeners every winter around awards season. they're supposedly traceable back to me if they're copied. I don't copy them, but I do lend them to people I trust who want to save themselves the cost of a movie ticket or two

    John Lau

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