RARA-AVIS: Re: E-ARCs, ARCs and Used Books

From: trentrey (trent@violentworldofparker.com)
Date: 15 May 2009

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    I don't receive ARCs, but I do receive promotional music CDs, pretty much the equivalent. They are often stamped "Not for resale" or some such thing.

    There is a moral dilemma here. What are you supposed to do with the things if you don't want them and they're taking up valuable space? Throw them out? I've never been able to bring myself to throw out a book or CD. Give them to Goodwill? At least you're not profiting that way, but you could conceivably be cheating the artist of royalties.

    I really have no idea.

    And I've got a big ol' stack of promotional CDs that I haven't figured out what to do with yet, so I am genuinely curious as to what people think the ethics of the situation are.

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    > I'm not here to tell anybody what they should do, but I do receive lots of ARCs and I would never put any of them up for sale. It seems to me a completely nonkosher thing to do.
    > mrt

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