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From: Brian Thornton (
Date: 11 May 2009

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    Any western directed by Anthony Mann is pretty hard-boiled.

    WINCHESTER 73 features Jimmy Stewart at his least likable ever. Well Worth the price of the rental.

    And John Ford's THE SEARCHERS?

    Any lover of noir/hardboiled ought to watch that one for the ending alone.

    And speaking of endings, for a noirish one, try King Vidor's DUEL IN THE SUN.

    These are just off the top of my head. Hard-boiled westerns have been discussed on this list before. Might be worth a look in the archives for you. I also happen to know that Spur(tm) Award-winning author Jim Doherty is deeply versed in the "Western" canon (no pun intended).

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    On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 8:05 AM, zbleck <> wrote:

    > Did a search and was surprised to not find any posts about this writer--I
    > just discovered him a few months ago and he's pretty hard boiled.
    > so far I've read Floater, Smuggler's Notch, Little Odessa, and my favorite
    > ( I would love it just for the title) Bride of Blood.
    > This is set in Iran--I guess didn't get much attention in 1995, but feels
    > really topical now.
    > To add to the discussion of the hard boiled and the Western--I'm bored by
    > Westerns--the only ones I like are ones that my husband says aren't Westerns
    > at all--Bad Day at Black Rock, The Misfits, and of course, my fav--Johnny
    > Guitar--but the Western Channel is next to the Mystery channel on my on
    > screen guide and I've been struck lately with how fabulous western movie
    > titles are--2 recent ones --Disappearances and From Noon To Three--both very
    > noir--another source of good titles is Jean Claude Van Damme movies --I'm
    > always clicking on something that look intriguing only to discover that it's
    > another one of his films.
    > About Wallander--was disappointed in this--found the plot boring--but
    > Branagh was good--not hammy & actory as he usually is.
    > Zoe

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