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Date: 08 May 2009

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    > Iıve since made contact with the literary agent who holds the rights to
    > Michael Shayne and she was adamant that the property would not be used in
    > comics. It was the first time Iıve actually encountered someone who
    > ³verbally² held the graphic medium in such low esteem. Funny in that I
    > attempted to explain to her that our interest was in a pulp sized digest
    > with painted covers and spot black and white line art along with essay
    > material on the various writers associated with the property along with all
    > the other ancillary material such as films and stuff...she just scoffed.
    > Hmmmm, I guess it takes all kinds to make a world. I wish her luck in
    > selling this property for an exorbitant sum in todayıs market.

    I've been negatively impressed, both directly and second-hand, by the antiprofessionalism of some agents, particularly for their dead clients. It doesn't requite anything but the will (and perhaps some tax advice) to become an agent, but those with established agencies, one might hope, might have some sort of clue about publishing, or at least a desire to actually do their jobs and earn a little money for their clients or their estates.

    Todd Mason

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