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Date: 07 May 2009

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    > I don't recall seeing much discussion of Greg Rucka's work in the time
    > I've been mostly-lurking here on R-A.  I know his work mostly from the
    > comics, but today the "book swap" shelf that I created in my apartment building's
    > lobby had a stack of about a half-dozen of his novel, apparently new and
    > unread.  I'd love to hear any recommendations or general reviews.

    I'm a tremendous fan of his work. his Atticus Kodiak series about a bodyguard is state of the art series, Rucka constantly shakes up his character's lives. I recently purchased the latest, PATRIOT ACTS, along with recent thrillers from some of my favorites, Thomas Perry, Robert Crais and T. Jefferson Parker, and the Rucka is what I read first. I'd recommend reading them in order since the protagonist's life EVOLVES, to put it mildly

    I also enjoy his series that started out as a comic book, QUEEN & COUNTRY, which features MI6 agent Tara Chace. we had a recent discussion here about hardboiled espionage. Chace fits the bill, her life evolves as much as Kodiak's, and her exploits exist in today's geopolitical world. the comic book continued its storyline in two recent hardcover thrillers, A GENTLEMAN'S GAME and PRIVATE WARS

    Rucka has a film coming out this summer based on another graphic novel featuring a female U.S. Marshall in Antarctica called WHITE OUT

    he's written one standalone thriller, A FISTFUL OF RAIN. it's the least of his work

    John Lau

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