From: Mark D. Nevins (nevins_mark@yahoo.com)
Date: 04 May 2009

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    Hey Mark,

    Thanks much for the info below--Mr. Pines needs to talk to Google to get them to feature his site a little more prominently in their results!

    I have EAST OF A in my to-read stack, and will definitely get to that one prior to reading the new one from Hard Case. I believe I met Mr. Atwood on a few occasions, when he was working at the late lamented Black Orchid bookshop, one of my favorite old Manhattan haunts for a rainy Saturday, even though I don't get to the Upper East Side that often.

    I read AFTER DOLORES many years ago, and really enjoyed it--it's a wonderful appropriation of the genre. I don't recall that scene, but I'll keep an eye out for it, and I'll also keep an eye out for LOTUS CREW based on your recommendation.

    Best, Mark Nevins

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