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Date: 03 May 2009

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    separate from the specific crimes against children them, i notice pillowman is written by martin mcdonagh. i only know him for writing and directing 'in bruges', but i bet most of you loved that as much as i did. and fwiw, the pillowman won olivers and tonys. i'd be interested in anything the guy does.

    as far as i can tell, he's not written novels or stories. he's a playwright and now into film too.

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    Sorry to have left my thread untended, although it did evolve in some interesting directions, and I do very much appreciate all that came up.. It is true, I was thinking of things more along the lines of Grimm or Kafka (yes, horror, & fairy tale & fable).  The whole "child in jeopardy" line is an interesting one, and a sensitivity we see a lot working w/ readers at the library, as well as animals getting hurt. ("A string of hammer murders is fine - just don't shoot the dog.")  The film An American Crime - based on the true story of Sylvia Likens - got a decidedly mixed response along the same lines.
      I share the squeamishness, tending to prefer stories where the kids are the monsters, rather than victims: In fact, at my storytime for adults next Monday I'll be reading Ray Bradbury's "The Small Assassin," which is a really disturbing and horrifying story of a  newborn baby who narrowly fails to kill his mother in childbirth, and works to finish the job,
      As for the play, it is a terrific piece of work, and might prove an interesting excursion for rara avians looking for something a little different:
      The play manages to get a pretty big laugh in the middle of a scene in which a storytale little girl is crucified by her storytale parents - pretty impressive.
      Thanks, all.

    David Wright


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