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Date: 28 Apr 2009

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    And for a very different take on the same subject, this is from an article on Denise Mina in relation to the child murder in her novel Field Of Blood:
    "She makes no apology for exposing the reader to such uncomfortable material and says her recent experience of motherhood has, if anything, made her even more inclined to return to those places. "People asked me would I write that scene in The Field of Blood now, being a mother, and I would," she says. "In fact, I would make it gorier. A lot of gory crime novels are written by women, many of them mothers, and the vast majority of crime readers are women. Having children is such a visceral experience that it probably makes you more gory."


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    > Todd Mason said:
    >> It is interesting that the notion of torture and worse happening to
    >> adults, including innocent adults and sometimes helpless ones, might
    >> be an almost necessary component of some of what we regularly discuss >
    >> here, but the notion of the same things happening to kids can turn
    >> people right around.
    > This Michael Connelly essay, originally published in the Washington Post,
    > touches on this subject and may be of interest to some:

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