Re: RARA-AVIS: Horrible Terrible Awful things happening to children.

From: Brian Thornton (
Date: 28 Apr 2009

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    No Ron, as I said above, this bothers me as well.

    Honestly, really, this-time-I-mean-it my last on this topic.


    On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 9:38 AM, Ron Clinton <> wrote:

    > > That reminds me: far and away the most disturbing book I've ever read
    > about child
    > > abduction/abuse is Sabine Dardenne's I CHOOSE TO LIVE. This was written
    > by
    > a
    > > Belgian girl who was abducted from her bicycle on her way to school. She
    > was held
    > > in a bunker under an abandoned house for months and used as a sex slave.
    > Two
    > > other little girls held by the same sociopath died of starvation when he
    > left them for
    > > a two week vacation. Dardenne's survival is a testament to her extreme
    > courage
    > > and intelligence.
    > > Patrick King
    > The last line may be true and give an otherwise exploitative and prurient
    > work inherent value, but I simply would not be able to read that type of
    > book. As a reader of genre fiction that is definitely not of the cozy
    > variety -- horror, suspense, noir, hardboiled, etc. -- I read a lot of
    > rough
    > and tough stuff. But kids and abuse and torture...that's the one place I
    > can't go.
    > Anyone else? Or am I just overly sensitive in this regard?
    > Ron C.

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