RARA-AVIS: Re: Willie Garvin and Friends

From: James Michael Rogers (jeddak5@cox.net)
Date: 24 Apr 2009

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    Dick, I would not want to encourage anyone to ignore our obligations under the copyright law and I know that, as an author yourself, you would be doubly conscientious in observing those obligations. However the complete Modesty series has been bouncing around the internet for a few years now. The strips were all intermittently reprinted at various times and, I think, by various publishers. As you know, Modesty never did very well in the States, doubtless due to the sometimes surprisingly frank sexuality of the material (as when, for instance, our heroine permits herself to be raped by a sexual sadist). UPDATE: After a little research, I see that Titan Books is attempting to do a full reprint series of the entire corpus. They appear to be about a third of the way through, and probably deserve our support. http://titanbooks.com/categories/us/universe-58-Modesty_Blaise/
     I was warned off from the Vitti film version, but you guys make me feel as though I should give both it and the Tarantino production a try. Watching Travolta get gunned down in Pulp Fiction with a Modesty novel in his hands brought a tear to my eyes, it did.


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