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Date: 24 Apr 2009

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    My 16 y.o. daughter did what I usually recommend to all: Œgoogle itı and found out of course that all these books had been translated...and published here and there were even a few bios in the mix... Many thanks though Jeff...Iım going to look for more at the second hand bookstore here...



    On 4/23/09 10:25 PM, "Jeff Vorzimmer" <> wrote:

    >> > By the way, just finished Le Silence de la Pluie de Luiz Alfredo
    >> > Garcia-Roza, translated from the Brasilian Portuguese into French...and the
    >> > title says that is it ³an investigation of detective Espinosaı...Excellent
    >> > book located in Rio...Has it been translated into English and/or have other
    >> > books by him been translated...???
    > At least six of his books have been translated into English, including the one
    > you mention, which is Silence of the Rain in the US. He's published been in
    > hardcover and trades by MacMillan.
    > Jeff

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