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From: Brian Thornton (
Date: 15 Apr 2009

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    It's high time I weighed in on this.

    Doherty, you're wrong.



    On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 3:02 AM, JIM DOHERTY <> wrote:

    > Tom,
    > Re your question below:
    > "I recently read the Wade Miller reprints done by Hard Case and Stark House
    > and enjoyed all three of them. What are some of the highlight Wade Miller
    > books I should read next?"
    > Aside from the excellent private eye series featuring Max Thursday written
    > as "Wade Miller," which I'll leave to others to sing the praises of, Bob
    > Wade and Bill Miller also collaborated on several excellent cop novels as
    > "Whit Masterson." One of them, BADGE OF EVIL, became a minor film noir
    > you've probably never heard of called, IIRC, TOUCH OF EVIL. Starred a guy
    > named Orson something-or-other. He also wrote and directed the film.
    > Another good 'un is A HAMMER IN HIS HAND, one of the first procedurals to
    > feature a policewoman as the protagonist. It's about the search for a serial
    > killer, years before either Dorothy Uhnak's THE BAIT or Thomas Harris's THE
    > SILENCE OF THE LAMBS would explore the similar theme of a lady cop on the
    > trail of a multiple murderer.
    > After Miller's death, Wade carried on alone as Masterson. 711 - OFFICER
    > NEEDS HELP, about a cop who killed a man in a controversial shooting, and
    > PLAY LIKE YOU'RE DEAD, an early look at custodial abductions years before it
    > became a hot topic, are both highly recommended.
    > Last I heard, Wade was still active as a mystery critic for one of the San
    > Diego papers.

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