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Date: 13 Apr 2009

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    Thanx for the tip, Dave ---- I hadn't planned on watchin' this, as the Housemates tend to hog the TV, and I already have about 5 shows I watch/tape-delay every week. (But most of those look like they'll be on the Choppin' Block, word is...)
      But I'll gladly watch anything Jim B's in. ;)
      Best, DCG.

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    Okay, not really noir or hard-boiled, but... McKenna and I loved the pilot of CBS's 13-episode horror series HARPER'S ISLAND, starring rara-avis member Jim Beaver as the island's sheriff.  Yes, the show is wayyyy over the top with its corny horror- movie clichés... and we loved every minute of it!  And pretty damn grisly for a prime-time network show.  Just watch the first 6 minutes to get a taste... that's when the first body pops up. 
      The premise:  Years earlier, a killer struck Harper's Island (off the coast of Seattle)... now, in the present, survivors return to the island as part of a wedding party, and we find that the killer's back. 
      Episode 2 is this Thursday, but you can catch the pilot in entirity here: com/primetime/ harpers_island/
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