RARA-AVIS: Two-pronged WALLANDER attack on US public broadcasting

From: foxbrick (foxbrick@yahoo.com)
Date: 09 Apr 2009

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    The small internationalist MHz WorldView public television network, with a dozen or two affiliates around the country, will be running a subtitled Swedish WALLANDER television film, the first of several they intend to run, starting on April 26 and repeated on April 28 (not all MHz WV affiates run their feeds in pattern...for example KCSM, in the San Francisco Bay Area, runs a digital feed that is all WorldView straight playthrough and also runs the crime dramas on their primay station on a day's delay--KCSM being the station the bluenoses got the FCC to fine for running Martin Scorcese's THE BLUES, btw).

    Meanwhile, the UK telefilms with Kenneth Branaugh as Wallander start on PBS's MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! on May 10th, with three weekly installments (and PBS affiliates will also run items on delay, but at least the largest affiliates in a given area will run MASTERPIECE series, including the incorporated MYSTERY!, in pattern on Sunday nights).

    Somehow, I doubt this is complete coincidence, but it might be.

    Todd Mason

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