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Date: 08 Apr 2009

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    > I heard a thriller writing talking the other night about how his latest book has the "unique" plot device of having the detective investigating the crime and realizing that he might be the guilty party. This immediately brought Hjortsberg's Fallen Angel to mind, as well as one of my own books, and vaguely reminded me of a Cornell Woolrich book. I'm guessing this is actually a pretty common plot device, with the detective suffering blackouts, amnesia, etc., and am wondering whatever books people here have read that use this.
    > --Dave

    there's a Black Lizard from the 80s, maybe a Bill Pronzini book? can't remember the title. not this situation exactly, but close. the psychological profile of the killer is that he goes in & out of blackout states, in such a way that he is not aware of being the killer when he's not in killer mode. one of the investigators is a local cop who freaks out and comes to believe that he is the killer. ah I just remembered the title, "Running of the Beasts" or something close.

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