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From: Ron Clinton (
Date: 08 Apr 2009

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    No specific examples are leaping to mind right now, Dave, but I agree with you that it's an infinitely familiar plot device -- cliché, one might even say, and the antithesis of "unique."

    'Course, there are a myriad examples of books with familiar storylines being published, so that's not necessarily an ingredient that'll keep a book from finding a publisher somewhere.

    Ron C.

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    > I heard a thriller writing talking the other night about how his latest
    book has the
    > "unique" plot device of having the detective investigating the crime and
    > that he might be the guilty party. This immediately brought Hjortsberg's
    > Angel to mind, as well as one of my own books, and vaguely reminded me of
    > Cornell Woolrich book. I'm guessing this is actually a pretty common plot
    > with the detective suffering blackouts, amnesia, etc., and am wondering
    > books people here have read that use this.
    > --Dave
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