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Date: 04 Apr 2009

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    You can find these 'for sale' sections in Canadian libraries too. In fact in London, Ontario, where I am originally from, the public library's main branch has its own bookshop located right next to the library itself. Among other finds I remember picking up Stephen Greenleaf's STATE'S EVIDENCE there. Sometimes university libraries also divest themselves of extraneous volumes. I've personally taken advantage of such sales at McGill University in Montreal.

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    > I've been to library booksales that lasted one or two days, but never an
    > actual permanent bookstore. Wait a minute, one library did open a tiny
    > boutique when it was on its last legs. It didn't help, unfortunately.

    Also, look in the corners near the doors of many libraries (or some similar location), at very least in the States, and you'll often find some sort of shelf devoted to the ongoing sale of discards and unwanted donations to the library.

    Todd Mason

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