Date: 03 Apr 2009

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    > In a message dated 4/3/09 3:08:18 PM, writes:
    >> I note that Lee Goldberg has decided that LIFE ON MARS (US) had the
    >> worst
    >> wrap up in television history.  I strongly disagree, not least because I
    >> was
    >> amused and because they did drop hints throughout the run that they
    >> might well
    >> be moving in the direction they did.
    > Lee is something of a traditionalist in terms of genre, not that there's
    > anything wrong with that. many people are here as well

    Not so much a genre thing, but the ending felt very rushed. Or, after thinking about it, I thought there could have been more of a punch/oomph with that ending.

    > Jason O'Mara seems a pretty compelling actor, certainly much
    > more so
    > than say, that smug dork who plays the lead in the very contrived Castle.

    Having watched two episodes of CASTLE, it seems very predictable and contrived. While the actor who plays the lead (whose name eludes me, and I'm to lazy to GOOGLE) was great in FIREFLY IMO.

    Best, MEH

    PS--Thanks to the group for the heads up (I forget who tipped me off on that) on the British series being out soon. I searched Amazon about 1 month ago, and came up with very little. But now they are happy to take your pre-orders.

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