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Date: 03 Apr 2009

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    > Apparently there were two eight episode seasons of the UK Life on Mars. As John notes, they had been playing on BBC America for some time. However, they stopped recently, just before I got BBC America. BBC America is currently running the sequel to Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, about a female police psychologist (apparently Sam Taylor's shrink) who is sent back to 1981 after being shot and picks up with the same squad 8 years later.
    > The first season of the Brit Life on Mars will be released in the states on July 28, the same date as the great MiddleMan -- both are already listed on Amazon.

    --And the apparently sadly late MIDDLEMAN, which is the only series I can think of of late that might be enjoyed without cringing or too much excessive puzzlement by 4 year olds and their parents.

    I note that Lee Goldberg has decided that LIFE ON MARS (US) had the worst wrap up in television history. I strongly disagree, not least because I was amused and because they did drop hints throughout the run that they might well be moving in the direction they did.

    Goofy it might be, just as the series was at first rather heavy-handed, but it swings.

    I'm rather more immediatedly saddened by the probable series finale of LIFE next week.

    But LIFE and LIFE ON MARS did make for a pleasant Wednesday's evening television, particularly with SCRUBS added, for the last sevearal I noted several weeks ago here.

    Todd Mason

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