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Date: 03 Apr 2009

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    As to a wrap-up for Deadwood, all I can say is that the show couldn't be better titled in that regard. A shame.


    Jim Beaver


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    Jim welcome back, and good to see a celebrity book written for a change
    (when not ghostwritten) by someone who actually reads!

    Any idea if HBO is still planning a final episode of Deadwood?


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    "Jim Beaver" <jumblejim@...> wrote:
    > I haven't dropped in to Rara-Avis in a long while, but I heard through the
    > grapevine about Bill Crider's kind shout-out for my new book. LIFE'S THAT
    > WAY is due out on the 16th, and like those of you who have ever had one of
    > these babies get born (especially as late in life as I am!), I'm
    > excited, and nauseous. I hope some of you get a chance to take a look at
    > it, though it's pretty far off-topic!
    > And I'm also involved in this new 13-episode murder mystery series on CBS
    > starting in a week, HARPER'S ISLAND. I haven't seen any of it (that's how
    > secretive they've been about it, even with the cast), but shooting it, it
    > felt pretty good. No fedoras or femmes fatale, but it pays the rent.
    > Anyway, I hope to spend some more time here in the near future, and to get
    > some more hardboiled stuff under my reading belt soon. In the meantime,
    > thanks again to Bill and all the best to you birds, rare or otherwise.
    > Jim Beaver

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