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Date: 02 Apr 2009

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    I think that the full cast version of SLEEPING BEAUTY that Dick mentions in his thorough post below is a companion piece to the Harris Yulin-produced
    (with Yulin starring as Archer) full cast audiobook version of THE ZEBRA-STRIPED HEARSE, featuring a ton of well-known Hollywood actors, including Julia Tilley and Joe Pantoliano.

    They're both well worth a listen. Yulin's got the perfect voice for the mature Archer (1959 and onward).

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    On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 1:06 PM, Dick Lochte <> wrote:

    > Not to be a completist or anything, but there was a half-hour adaptation
    > of
    > the Macdonald short, Find the Woman, on (as I recall) Schlitz Playhouse in
    > the late fifties. The detective was not named Archer at that point, though
    > he became Archer when the short stories were collected. Michael Rennie was
    > the PI. And, as Tom Nolan's terrific biography of Macdonald notes, The
    > Three
    > Roads was adapted by a Toronto film company for a 1986 movie titled
    > alternately Double Negative or Deadly Companion. Michael Sarrazin and Susan
    > Clark starred, with John Candy in the cast.
    > There've also been a couple of radio adaptations, notably an unabridged
    > full-cast version of Sleeping Beauty.
    > Dick Lochte

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