RARA-AVIS: Re: Rogue Cop

From: James Michael Rogers (jeddak5@cox.net)
Date: 31 Mar 2009

Yeah, you're right, there is definitely an "ick" factor to his books, though not as much as with, say, Willeford.

If you remember Tony Goodstone's anthology The Pulps, which was a very formative reading experience for me as a kid, McGivern actually had the cover story....a very early one called IIRC "Manchu Terror".

I bought both Big Heat and Odds Against Tomorrow back in the 1970s when their was an unsuccesful attempt to do for him what Black Lizard would eventually do for Jim Thompson. I don' remember Big Heat very well, which I guess means it's time to re-read it. OAT was a pretty good kidnap caper, no? But Rogue Cop is just head and shoulders beyond that. Might be a tad hard to find.

James Rogers


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  Welcome back, James. I like McGivern. His novels are tough, as you say, and they also have an unwholesome whiff, perhaps the smell of noir... He may be out of print and semi-forgotten, but he has some fans here (at least two!). Not long ago I came across a very good McGivern story in an anthology.




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