Re: RARA-AVIS: Shopping for Old Magazines in NYC

From: Steve Novak (
Date: 23 Mar 2009

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    I love the memory of that newstand, to which I always went when I lived in NYC in mid 70ıs and where I went to get some French papers...not too far from some of the translation agency I used to work with... Two ideas that have nothing to do with NYC...
    * still to this day I find used pulps or some interesting rarities (Iım just an occasional collector of some authors) in cardboard boxes at used bookstores in small towns in Michigan...about four months ago I found a small box in a quite decrepit store ³downriver² with a few Jim Thompsonıs...and the book version of The Night and the City with picture of the film on it...but you had to buy the whole box (~ 30 books) for
    $5...!...thereıs gotta be a few of those around the rest of the land...
    * check the website of they are excellent and as a long time resident of Ann Arbor, I guarantee their reputation...


    On 3/22/09 10:45 PM, "Jeff Vorzimmer" <> wrote:

    > Back in the day there use to be a newsstand on 42nd St near Times Sq that had
    > back issues of just about everything. Now mind you, that was years ago, but it
    > might just still be there. If memory serves me, it was on the south side of
    > 42nd St., just west of Broadway. Forgot the name of it, but there can't be too
    > many newsstands left with a 42nd St address and I remember that they were
    > listed in the Yellow Pages.
    > Jeff
    >> > I have a want-list of issues of old "Manhunt"-type magazines, such as
    >> "Hunted Detective Story Magazine," "Accused Detective Story Magazine," and so
    >> on. I have exhausted my on-line resources, but I will be in New York soon,
    >> and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good bricks-and-mortar-only places
    >> to seek out such things.

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