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Date: 20 Mar 2009

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    > > Burke isn't to my taste either, based on the first 50-odd pages of "Jolie
    > > Blon's Bounce" a few years ago. I was irritated by Robicheaux, who as I
    > > recall was presented as a wise older man who had seen it all, and I didn't
    > > care for the prose style, which will no doubt seem like heresy to
    > > some. Burke's reputation is such that I almost feel I have a duty to try
    > > again, but I'm reluctant.
    > >
    > his prose is a bit florid for my taste as well

    Well, an opinion can never be heresy... There's a certain amount of repetitiveness in Burke's descriptions, too. I think his books, which I generally like, would have benefited from some serious trimming. The stories are invariably good and when the man swings, he swings hard.



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