Re: RARA-AVIS: Disappearance of the private film and the detective film in general

From: Karin Montin (
Date: 16 Mar 2009

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    I watched Hollywoodland recently on the recommendation of John Lau and found it very good. There was no cut-and-dried ending, lots to think about. And as Brian said in his 2006 post, Adrian Brody is just excellent.


    On 16/03/2009 12:16 PM, Brian Thornton wrote:
    > Mario wrote:
    > "Let me follow up my own post to say that what I'm missing in most if not
    > all American films of recent years is tranquility, deliberateness. It looks
    > like they are trying to appeal to impressionable teenagers with a lot of
    > gimmicks, explosions, shooting and noise. Hollywood needs to calm down.
    > They're mostly hysterical."
    > I refer the list back to the review I did of HOLLYWOODLAND a couple of years
    > back when Jack Bludis and I were debating whether or not it was a "good"
    > film. For my money, Hollywood has not produced its equal since its release
    > (although another film with which Ben Affleck is associated, GONE, BABY
    > GONE, is also a fine film in its own way). The link to what I said can be
    > found here:
    > Here's the relevant portion (from the last part of my post):
    > "And in the end, that's what really made this movie for me. I came away from
    > it with the right combination of questions answered and unanswered, and I've
    > been mulling it over in the two days since I went to see it, and have become
    > even more convinced that in this age of hit-you-over-the-head entertainment,
    > HOLLYWOODLAND is a skilled, ultimately satisfying, vehicle for the sort of
    > cautionary tale about Southern California in general, and the entertaiment
    > world (and the excesses of fame) in particular, that Chandler's THE LONG
    > GOODBYE was when it was first published during the mid-fifties.'
    > "And it doesn't have to hit you in the face with a chain to do it."
    > I would welcome more movies like this, and based on his words above, so
    > would Mario.
    > If you haven't watched it, treat yourself. I'd think most of the Rare Birds
    > here would enjoy it.
    > All the Best-
    > Brian

    Karin Montin

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