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Date: 16 Mar 2009

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    > This may sound like heresy, but I don't miss any of those guys or the films they made. Especially Chuck Norris and Schwartzenegger. About detective films, the point for me is not quantity but quality. A couple good ones a year would be fine...
    > Meanwhile, the Montalbano series based on Andrea Camilleri is very fine. A channel called MHz has been broadcasting the series around here. Unusual crimes, excellent Sicilian atmosphere, pretty dark without much action. This TV series honors the books, which are also excellent.

    Let me follow up my own post to say that what I'm missing in most if not all American films of recent years is tranquility, deliberateness. It looks like they are trying to appeal to impressionable teenagers with a lot of gimmicks, explosions, shooting and noise. Hollywood needs to calm down. They're mostly hysterical.



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