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Date: 14 Mar 2009

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    in what film(s) was parker portrayed as black american man or euro gal?

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    > Thanks all for your help in more
    > fully documenting the Parker-Dortmunder connection. It will
    > be a great help when I get around to writing up The Hot
    > Rock.
    > I'll probably throw out several more questions and requests
    > for information over the coming months as I continue to
    > tinker with my virtual Parker museum.
    > Jim: I have read Jimmy the Kid. I even watched the awful
    > Gary Coleman movie based on it. Amusing story--many years
    > ago, when the site was new, Mr. Westlake sent me an e-mail.
    > He was shocked to learn from my site that there was a
    > _second_ film version of Jimmy the Kid out there. I
    > dutifully sent him all that I knew about it, and then he
    > recalled that, indeed, he had been paid for it, but it was
    > so long between the purchase of the rights and the actual
    > release of the movie that he'd completely forgotten about
    > selling them.
    > The second film version was German and has never been
    > released on video. "Jimmy" was played by a girl, which means
    > that both Parker and Jimmy have been portrayed on film as a
    > black American male and a European female.
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