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From: Steve Novak (Cinefrog@comcast.net)
Date: 10 Mar 2009

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    ³We even caught a Canadianism slip in an X-Files episode²
    ..... but werent the X-files shot in Vancouver...??...with Canadian editing and Canadian writers on the sets...?

    That would explain that...

    Montois, who is not a canuck but who likes them and visits them, especially the Œreal¹ ones in Québec (the term Œcanuck¹ comes from the French word
    Œcanule¹...according to linguists and historians...)

    On 3/10/09 4:50 PM, "Sandra Ruttan" <sandraruttan@gmail.com> wrote:

    > In my experience the term is always used for the wrong meat south of
    > the border, but there is a type of meat called Canadian bacon.
    > Laughably, wikipedia defines Canadian bacon as "bacon from Canada."
    > If I saw someone refer to that in a book I'd laugh myself silly, which
    > might just render me unable to throw the book at the wall, immediately
    > anyways.
    > I agree with Kevin's warning about terms like 'horsemen' and I'd also
    > caution people about trying too hard to Americanize Canadian cops.
    > There are a lot of slang terms in shows and books down here that are
    > popular that I never experienced in the day to day north of the
    > border. We even caught a Canadianism slip in an X-Files episode that
    > I wouldn't have otherwise thought twice of, but living south of the
    > border now (and having my "Canadianisms" pointed out to me regularly
    > by my stepchildren - one of whom seriously asked me a couple days ago
    > why I always say eh) it was a glaring mistake that put Canadian
    > wording into an American's mouth. People tend to forgive that in TV
    > more than they do in books.
    > Cheers,
    > Sandra
    > http://www.realcanadianbacon.com/

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