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Date: 09 Mar 2009

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    I gree Jim...I have heard that several times in all my years around Windsor/Detroit...the Horsemen were (like) the Canada I even think there is a reference to them in that fashion in the dialog of Missouri Breaks... I also heard it in reference to the Canadian police force that gangs had to avoid during the extensive liquor trade during prohibition between Us and Canada, especially around Detroit... Montois

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    > Re your response to my comment, "In Canada, 'The Horsemen' means roughly what
    > 'The Feds' means on this side of the border," below:
    > "Actually, much more than that. They began as a semi-military organization to
    > quell rebellion in the pre-confederated west. They are a federal force, but as
    > Kevin implies, they serve as provincial police (similar to state police)
    > except in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and I think Newfoundland. As well,
    > many middling to smaller communities outside those provinces may also contract
    > to have the RCMP as the local constabulary instead of financing their own
    > services."
    > What I meant was that when a local or provincial cop in Canada refers to the
    > RCMP as "The Horsemen," he's using an in-house piece of jargon roughly
    > equivalent to a local or state cop over here referring to the US Government's
    > pantheon of law enforcement agencies as "The Feds." I didn't mean to imply
    > that the history of federal policing in the US and Canada was identical.

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