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Date: 08 Mar 2009

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    Actually, much more than that.

    They began as a semi-military organization to quell rebellion in the pre-confederated west. They are a federal force, but as Kevin implies, they serve as provincial police (similar to state police) except in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and I think Newfoundland. As well, many middling to smaller communities outside those provinces may also contract to have the RCMP as the local constabulary instead of financing their own services.

    When the federal government wants to bring attention to its presence they perform some ceremonial duties in their distinctive hats and red tunics, including an equestrian display popular at fairs and exhibitions. Up until the 70s they were also the domestic spy service until they were caught bugging union offices in Quebec and burning down a meeting hall, actually a barn, of the separatist political party there. Now that is restricted to anti-intelligence, a role they perform with common horsesense.

    Best, Kerry

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      "So, I just watched an episode, and throughout, they mentioned 'The Horsemen' as in 'Im working with the Horsemen and thay want this guy real bad.' The Horsemen = The RMCP = The Mounties?"

      That's right. In Canada, "The Horsemen" means roughly what "The Feds" means on this side of the border



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