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From: Karin Montin (
Date: 06 Mar 2009

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    Montréal Noir has been done--in French. Five novellas. I read four and liked all but one of them a lot. Montreal and its winter (especially) were very much tied up with the tales. A couple of people have an unfortunate experience with a snowblower, for example. The one I didn't like had the spirit of a murdered girl kind of haunting her killer.

    I wondered if Akashic would be interested in publishing a translation but have got no further than wondering.


    On 06/03/2009 3:16 PM, Kevin Burton Smith wrote:
    > Brian wrote:
    >> That aside, I think that it pretty much depends on the individual
    >> editors
    >> contracted to work on each of these individual collections: some (as
    >> seems
    >> to have been the case with TORONTO NOIR) actively sought
    >> contributions from
    >> writers outside of both the genre and the sub-genre.
    > In fact, they boasted about it. They claimed few genre writers
    > applied, anyway, but I don't think they even knew anyone writing in
    > the genre. And a few Toronto noir writers I know told me their
    > approaches were turned down. Given the wealth of crime writers in
    > Toronto (and the rest of Canada), Canada's first excursion in
    > Akashic's series was a let down, given what it could have been. Some
    > good stories, but too many seemed overly self-conscious, as though
    > they were written with one eye on some rented DVDs, all surface and no
    > shadow.
    > Montreal and Vancouver writers! The time is now!
    > Kerry! Get going on Hamilton Noir! Think of it as ICED IV.
    > And the latest StatsCan figures are out, and Canada's most crime-
    > ridden city has been named! Saskatoon, start your engines.
    > And round up the byes. Newfie Noir can't be far behind.
    > Kevin Burton Smith

    Karin Montin

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