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Date: 05 Mar 2009

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    > Actually, there are quite a few mostly mediocre crime stories dealing
    > with the bullfighting world, at least in French and somewhat popular
    > in 50's pulp and pocket books. Also a number of graphic novels.
    > Strictly for the aficionado. Worth mentioning is a film bio of the
    > great Manolete, starring Adrian Brody and Penelope Cruz, said Manolete
    > being the most tragic figure of the bullfighting world, a terribly
    > tormented figure, more at ease in the bullring than outside: a man in
    > love with dearh, stuck with a mistress in love with life and the man's
    > fortune. Bullfighting is usually ridiculed in many parts of the world,
    > based largely on caricatures in films.

    Yes, indeed. And at the Plaza in Barcelona, the one that still remains, there are vociferous demonstrations every time there is a corrida. It's 15% for and 85% against, but if you offered free tickets, I bet it would go to 50 and 50... Still, there is huge opposition and yes, caricature.

    I was referring to the underworld of bullfighting, the shaving and disabling of the bulls, the dilution of the breed, the shady impresarios, etc. And bullfighters are tabloid material, too, big time. I didn't see the Almodóvar movie because with the exception of one early film, his style frankly repels me.



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