RARA-AVIS: Re:How to write noir

From: decastro3 (decastro3@yahoo.com)
Date: 05 Mar 2009

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    > However, concerning LAURA, I think the mood, atmosphere, and general tone of the film has to include it in the film noir canon with DOUBLE INDEMNITY.

    I came on a little strong I think. I do see some minor connections between the two films. One being Clifton Webb's voice-over narration, which became a common staple of films noir. Also, Dana Andrews' obsession with the seemingly dead Laura's painting. But that was a fleeting moment, as soon as Laura shows up alive, that fades quickly. It's an element that could have been his undoing. Outside of that I think the "mood, atmosphere, and general tone" more resembles a traditional "whodunnit" mystery...

    >I maybe can see someone stating that LAURA is mainly a crime drama with strong film noir elements

    Making light of things for a moment, my litmus test is if I think my beautiful wife, Jill, would sit through the film with me. If she would, it can't be noir. :) She adores LAURA. I do as well.

    Changing the subject, has anyone read the book? Is the movie faithful? Would you recommend it?


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