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Date: 03 Mar 2009

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    > Yes indeed. Some reports suggest that the disease is under control, others
    > that it's in remission. But from this report from The Washington Post in
    > 2006, it may be that she doesn't have any joints left by now for the disease
    > to attack.
    > "When Kathleen Turner observes dryly that playwright Edward Albee "owes me,
    > like, seven joints," the star of stage and screen is not referring to an
    > illegal substance. She means that in preparation for playing Martha in the
    > ecstatically reviewed new production of Albee's 1962 classic, "Who's Afraid
    > of Virginia Woolf?," Turner had several arthritis-damaged joints in her feet
    > removed. And a knee replaced."

    well, that explains a lot. I have a close friend suffering from it, with similar results

    I apologize, Kathleen

    John Lau

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