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Date: 03 Mar 2009

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    > > Wasn't Robbie Wife essentially an homage to Cain's work?  Hill lifted
    > > plot points from Postman and another  Cain novel which will remain
    > > nameless since the point Hill lifts from it only comes out in the last
    > > few pages.
    > >
    > I looked at it more as a take on Body Heat, except flipping the ages
    > of the husband & lover, so that Robbie's Wife has the young virile
    > husband and older far less virile lover.

    even though it was made in 1980, Body Heat was pretty much a modern re-telling of Double Indemnity, and remains so to this day

    speaking of Body Heat, if you've seen what Kathleen Turner looks like these days, well there's a noirish ending for you right there

    John Lau

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